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Ghillies & Coaching

We have two fantastic ghillies at Deversonside Fishings, Carl Malpass and Harvey Grant.


Carl and Harvey can help experienced anglers with advice on where to fish, choice of tackle and can also help with tuition for any novices in the party.



Carl Malpass

Carl joined our team at the start of 2023.  He will be accompanying guests throughout their stay at Waterside Lodge as well as seeing other visiting anglers on the rotation. We look forward to you meeting our most recent team member. 


Harvey Grant

Harvey is in his 39th year as ghillie at Lower Netherdale. He always has the best advice and has a knack for showing guests exact spots that a fish will take. Here he is being presented with the 2023 McConnell Award for outstanding contribution to the river.



Additional Coaching

If guests would like an additional tutor or guide, the following skilled anglers and professionals can be contacted to accompany you on the river. You must contact and book them in advance though because their diaries are never empty for long!


Twin Peakes Flyfishing
Ian Gordon
Dani Morey

Interested in joining us for a cast?

Visit our Booking & Availability page for more details.


Booking & Availability

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