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Our Beats

Deveronside Fishings offers 7 miles of salmon & trout fishing across the following beats:

Upper Netherdale

Upper Netherdale

Upper Netherdale is split in two – Beat 1 (top half) and Beat 2 (bottom half) and forms part of our Deveronside Rotation. 

Beat 1

From the car park at the Beat 1 fishing hut you can access each pool by foot or alternatively (in dry conditions only) you can take the car on the "high road" to a parking area above the Doctors pool next to the March pool: the furthest upstream pool on Deveronside Fishings. 

Named pools at Beat 1: 

MarchDoctors, Wisp, Kemlin, Chapelton, Burn Mouth, Boat. 

Beat 2

From the car park at the Beat 2 fishing hut, on the left bank, you can walk up river to the uppermost pool on Beat 2, The Glebe. Access by vehicle to the lower end of the beat is also possible. 

Named pools at Beat 2:
The Glebe, Loggs, Sheep's Haugh, Lower Sheep's Haugh, Lum Pot

Lower Netherdale

Lower Netherdale

Lower Netherdale is the only beat that we don’t include in our rotation. Lower Netherdale has historically been treated as an individual beat and can be booked separately via Yvonne Stewart at Deveron Fishing in Huntly. This beat has its own ghillie, Harvey Grant. 

Named pools at Lower Netherdale: 
Doocote, Pot, Pilings, Mainstream, Ardfour, Ardfour Cast, Bremner’s Rock, Drachlaw, Black Beast, Top Heron, Mid Heron, Lower Heron, Shallow Cast, Turning Wheel