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Deveronside Fishings - Trout Lochs with Brown and Rainbow Trout



Weather can disrupt fishing on all rivers – drought and spates can, on occasions, make angling difficult or impossible.

In such conditions we have two private trout lochs stocked with brown and rainbow trout. 







This loch is just a few yards from Waterside Lodge and is stocked with brown and rainbow trout. If catching salmon becomes too easy, these fish may present a different challenge!




This is a private loch situated a half hour’s drive from Waterside. If the river conditions are unfavourable then anglers can take a packed lunch and make a day of it at Westerton of Folla. This lake extends to about 4 acres of water and is again stocked with brown and rainbow trout. There is a fishing hut for shelter and comfort. Fish range in size from a pound and a half, but some older brown trout up to 6 pounds have been landed.


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