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Deveronside Fishings - Upper Netherdale Beat 1



From the car park at the Beat 1 fishing hut above the Kemlin pool you can access each pool by foot or alternatively you can take the car on the "high road" to a parking area above the Doctors pool next to the March pool: the furthest upstream pool on Deveronside Fishings.




Deveronside Fishings - Map of Upper Netherdale Beat 1


March Pool


The top of the beat begins with the appropriately named March pool. This is single bank fishing and the pool fishes well from our side. Fishes best when fish are running the river but also holds residents.




Doctors pool also fishes easily from our side and fish tend to lie up in the lower part of the pool.




By now we are double bank fishing. The wisp is a gentle glide into the Kemlin pool, which is the main holding pool on the beat. Fish tend to move into the Wisp from the deeper water in the Kemlin.


Upper and Lower Kemlin


These pools form a bend in the river, and tend to hold fish throughout the season. Easily fished from the left bank. The substantial fishing hut overlooks Kemlin and the pools below.


Donald’s Glide


The river exits the Kemlin pools and flows through Donald’s Glide. A subtle pool where fish may lie back from the Kemlin for some fresh water.




A lovely pool which is deceptively deep and can hold some big fish, some of which have been hooked – and lost!




As its name suggests, the Forgue burn enters the river towards the tail of this pool. The water rushes through a narrow neck and settles into a nice fishing pace. A good resting point for running fish.




The furthest downstream pool on the beat, it flows past Ferry Cottage. As the name suggests, a ferry used to operate here, transporting churchgoers from the Netherdale side of the river to Inverkeithny church on the opposite bank. A productive holding pool which can be fished from either bank, but probably best to cross over and fish from the right bank.


Deveronside Fishings - Upper Netherdale Beat 1 - Donald's Glide

Donald's Glide

Deveronside Fishings - Upper Netherdale Beat 1 - Lower Kemlin

Lower Kemlin

Deveronside Fishings - Upper Netherdale Beat 1 - Kemlin


Deveronside Fishings - Upper Netherdale Beat 1 - Upper Kemlin

Upper Kemlin

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